Audio Sermons

November 4, 2018
“The Courage to Make Our Lives a Blessing”
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

October 21, 2018
“The Fool or the magician”
Guest speaker: Rev. Laurel Liefert

October 14, 2018
“We Can Be Kind”
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

October 7, 2018
“For One Brief Shining Moment:
The Unitarian Capital of the World”
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

September 30, 2018
“Spiritual Loneliness”
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

September 23, 2018
“Healing the Heart of Democracy”
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

September 16, 2018
“No Such Thing As a Free Search”
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

September 2, 2018
“Hedonistic Simplicity”
Kiya Heartwood, Guest Speaker

August 26, 2018
“Lost and Found on the Journey of Life”
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

August 12, 2018
“The Role of Education in Social Justice”
Dr. Carole Goldsmith, Guest Speaker

July 29, 2018
“From Empathy to Justice and Back Again”
Andrew Fiala, Ph.D., Guest Speaker

July 15, 2018
“Guerilla Compassion”
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

July 8, 2018
“Who Do You Hate?”
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

July 1, 2018
“Freedom From Patriarchy”
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

June 17, 2018
“What Is Grace and How Do I Get Me Some?”
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

June 10, 2018
“How to Live With Change”
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

May 13, 2018
“What My Mother Taught Me”
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

April 29, 2018
“What Does It Mean to Grow Spritually”
Guest speaker: Katie Hymans

April 22, 2018
“Pizza as a Spiritual Practice”
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

April 15, 2018
“Finding Meaning in Everyday Life”
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

April 8, 2018
“Got Transformation? First Annual Social Justice Sunday. New Member Sunday”
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

February 25, 2018
“Coloring Our Future”
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

February 18, 2018
“Living Your Best Everyday”
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

February 11, 2018
“Path of the Caring Heart – Serving Gratefully in a Seemingly Ungrateful World”
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

February 4, 2018
“Knowledge or Certainty”
Linda Tolladay, Guest Speaker

January 28, 2018
“I Choose and Therefore I Am”
Ida Jones, Guest Speaker

January 21, 2018
“The Birth of Religious Tolerance”
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

January 14, 2018
“The Asian Exclusion”
Martin Luther King Sunday
Rev. Tim Kutzmark

December 31, 2017
“Where Do You Find Hope?”
Chloe Ockey, Speaking
Terry Lewis, Speaking
Linda Mack, Speaking

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