UU Fresno Audio Sermons

Listed below are audio recordings of sermons delivered from the UUCF pulput.  By clicking on the names listed under the sermon date and title, you will be redirected to the audio file.  Typically the Speaker delivers the sermon/homily and the Worship Associate or Lay Leader delivers a reading. Other recordings may be listed, as appropriate.    

May 21, 2017
"A Radical Welcome?"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Virginia, Reading 

May 14, 2017
"Accidental Intersections"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Bernadette Planting, Reading 

May 7, 2017
"We Can See Clearly Now"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Floyd Sanchez, Reading

April 30, 2017
"Alexander von Humboldt and the Invention of Nature"
George Burman, Speaking
Sydney Story, Reading

April 23, 2017
"Would Buddha Drive a SUV?"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Linda Tolladay, Reading

April 9, 2017
"Sting of the Serpent"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Bernadette Planting and Jenny McLelland, Reading

April 2, 2017
"Sanctuary: Creating Safe Haven"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking

March 26, 2017
"Finding Hope on the streets of Kabul"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Patti Potter, Worship Associate

March 12, 2017
"Understanding Fresno's Substandard Housing Crisis"
Dr. Janine Nkosi, Speaking
Diane Ness, Worship Associate

March 5, 2017
"Leafed Out!"
Commitment Sunday Celebration
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Bill Murphy, Worship Associate

February 26, 2017
“Dancing With Krishna”
Wisdom from the Hindu Tradition"
Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Floyd Sanchez and Patti Potter, Reading

February 19, 2017
"The Best Kept Secret in the World"
Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Sydney Story, Reading

January 29, 2017
"Islam, Prophecy and Caring for the Earth"
Reza Nekumanesh, Speaking
Reza Nekumanesh, Reading

January 1, 2017
"Life Calls Us On"
Devin Carroll, Speaking
Sally Carroll, Reading

December 18, 2016
"The Darkest Night of the Year"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Kathy Long-Pence, Reading

December 4, 2016
"On Holidays and Heretics"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Sydney Story, Reading

November 27, 2016
"Betty Pingel, UU Evangelist"
Carolyn Murphy, Speaking
Kathy Long-Pence, Reading
Kathy Long-Pence, Reading

November 13, 2016
"The Stories They Will Tell"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Rich Berrett and Katie Hymans, Reading

November 6, 2016
"The Danger of the Single Story"
Katie Hymans, Speaking
Ellis Vance, Reading

October 30, 2016
"Dia de los Muertos"
Lydia Flores, Speaking
America Moreno, Speaking
Jesse Molina, Speaking
Ed Johnson, Reading 1
Ed Johnson, Reading 2

October 23, 2016
"The Heart of Forgiveness"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
April Barajas and Kathleen Cox, Reading
Patti Potter, Reading

October 16, 2016
"Massacre at Karbala:  The Birth of Shia Islam"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Bernadette Planting and Jesse Molina, Reading

October 9, 2016
"Life Lessons from the Lions"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Patti Potter, Reading

October 2, 2016
"Are We There Yet?"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking

September 25, 2016
"America's Original Sin"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Reading

September 18, 2016
"When Hope is Hard to Find"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking

September 4, 2016
"Women's Work"
Sally Carroll, Speaking
Sydney Story, Worship Associate

August 28, 2016
"The Gospel According to my Garden"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Kathleen Cox, Reading 1, Worship Associate
Linda Tolladay, Reading 2

August 14, 2016
"Celebrating Joy"
Em Kianka, Speaking
Patti Potter, Reading 1, Worship Associate
Em Kianka, Reading 2

August 7, 2016
"Going for Spiritual Gold"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Linda Mack, Reading 1, Worship Associate
Mindy Sullivan, Reading 2

July 31, 2016
"Investigate our Secret Histories to Find our Authentic Stories"
Mai Der Vang, Speaking
Marilyn Erb, Worship Associate

July 24, 2016
"Heavenly Bodies"
K. C. Slack, Speaking
David Cooke and Patti Potter, Reading 1
Diane Ness, Reading

July 17, 2016
"i Got a Name"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Carrie Wise, Reading
Bernadette Planting, Reading

July 3, 2016
"Summer Jazz / Summer Joy"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Reading 1
Sydney Story, Reading 2
Rev. Tim Kutzmark & Ruth Jenkins, Reading 3
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Reading 4

June 26, 2016
"Civility, Liberty and Truth"
Dr. Andrew Fiala, Speaking
Bill Murphy, Reading

June 12, 2016
"Lost and Found"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Bernadette Planting, Reading

May 29, 2016
"On Memorial Day What Do We Memorialize"
Rich Berrett, Speaking
Lynn Story, Reflection

May 22, 2016
"Who Do You Hate"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark
Chloe Ockey and Lydia Flores, Reading 

May 15, 2016
"In Search of the Wild Fox"
Rev. James Ishmael Ford, Speaking
Patti Potter & Carol Boos, Reading 1
Patti Potter & Carol Boos, Reading 2

May 8, 2016
"She Loved to Dance"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Stalin Hernandez, Reading

May 1, 2016
"Where the Rubber Hits the Road"
Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Speaking
Clare-Marie Wall, Reading 1
Clare-Marie Wall, Reading 2

Alexander von Humboldt

and the Invention of Nature