The mission of the BookShop is to offer a wide selection of books, cards, artwork, and other items for the enjoyment and enrichment of UUCF members, friends, and visitors.  This mission is consonant with the ends of the Church in that we strive to be part of a welcoming religious community,  to support all who come here in their efforts to transform their lives towards compassion and to create peace, justice, and sustainability in the world.

The BookShop stocks books and other items that we hope will be of interest to UU Church members, friends, and visitors.  New titles relating to Unitarian Universalism and other religious traditions, works of poetry and philosophy, children’s books, and publications from our own congregants are featured.   This past year we have continued our efforts to coordinate our offerings with church staff so that offerings in our shop better reflect and support current themes in UUCF sermons, the all-church read, religious education classes, and social justice activities.

In addition to our weekly sale of used books, we have a larger used book sale twice a year with gently used CD’s, games, and puzzles added to our selections.  We are pleased that due to these sales, church members and friends can recycle and restock their home collections and that more people now know the location of the vestry.  CD recordings of services can be ordered.  We have beautiful cards created by artists and photographers from both our church and the larger community.  Caps with the UU chalice logo have been available.  In cooler weather, scarves and hats crafted by our talented church and committee members are a warm and welcome addition.  Pink knit hats were particularly popular this past winter. The BookShop’s pomegranate jelly, lovingly made by a dedicated crew of seasoned cooks and eager helpers, is a perennial best-seller during the holidays.  We have again been offering UU-themed jewelry.  The committee continuously searches for other items appropriate for sale.

Profits from the BookShop are committed to the operating budget of the Church.  In recent years, the committee has honored this commitment with an annual donation of $2,500, and we will continue to support the mission of UUCF in this concrete manner.

Our dedicated committee members work very hard to make the BookShop a welcoming place.  It is often a place where newcomers can get a better “feel” for the activities of the church.  Staff members try to answer general questions about church events and refer to the appropriate resource as needed.  The BookShop also serves as a distribution point for the church directory and other topical information.  Committee members attend planning meetings, staff the BookShop, sort books, make jelly, knit, and do whatever else they can to help our operation be successful.  Members of our committee also participated in the church-wide visioning process initiated by the Visioning Team, to discuss and consult on long-range church goals and our new UUCF mission statement.

Many of our members have faithfully served on the committee for several years.  We remember with some nostalgia our tiny space in the Millbrook Church, shared with fuse boxes and wiring, and we look forward to more dedicated space and storage in the future.  We also gratefully welcome new members who are interested in assuming active roles in planning and staffing.