Green Suggestions For Church Events And Meetings

Paper Use
•  Minimize the use of handouts
•  Use quarter and half-size pages of paper.
•  Use white, 100% recycled paper
•  Reduce margin size to fit more on a page
•  Use colored ink instead of    colored paper
•  Use overhead or PowerPoint instead of paper
•  Use double-sided printing

•  Adhere to Heating and Cooling Policy
•  Turn off lights, equipment when not in  use
•  Use fresh air and/or fans instead of A/C
•  Minimize water use
•  Use nozzle when using a hose

Refreshments and Meals
•  Use locally grown and produced foods
•  Use reusable dishes, glasses, and utensils
•  Offer vegetarian options
•  Use tap water instead of bottled water
•  Use locally grown flowers

General Considerations
•  Borrow or buy used instead of buying new
•  Instead of giving “things” as prizes or gifts, give services, certificates, or local foods, plants or produce.
•  Remember and remind others to carpool or use Green transportation to get to church
•  Please share your green suggestions with the Green Sanctuary Committee.