What’s NUU

What's NUU weekly newsletter

What’s NUU – is our weekly all-church newsletter. It includes timely notices regarding upcoming services, church events, notes about members and occasional activities in our greater community.  If you would like to submit an item to What’s NUU, click “What’s NUU submission form” on the right.
Submissions for What’s NUU are due WEDNESDAY at 9:00 a.m., prior to first publication date; holidays or other circumstances may require earlier submission)

What’s NUU disclaimer:  Submissions are subjected to editing.  It is the responsibility of the person submitting the article to provide accurate information.

Suggestions for a Successful What’s NUU article:
°  Write as most journalists do, beginning with the most important information and working down to the least.
°  Answer the questions who, what, where, and what time.
°  Make sure to include information about how people can contact you if they have further questions.
°  When referring to an organization, provide a brief description of the organization. (ex. M’ella House is a residential treatment center for women and their small children.)
°  Avoid acronyms, visitors, new members, etc. may not know what an acronym stands for

What’s NUU is divided into sections that follow our Church Mission:

La misión de la iglesia Unitaria Universalista de Fresno es:
Amar inclusivamente
Crecer espiritualmente
Servir con gratitud y
Trabajar por la justicia

The Mission of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno is to:
Love Inclusively
Grow Spiritually
Serve Gratefully
And Work for Justice