Monthly Themes

Our religious exploration program is structured around monthly theological themes that are utilized in our worship service, small group ministries (Chalice Circles), and youth classrooms. There are opportunities to engage the monthly theme at church, home, and in our newsletter. They offer opportunities to deepen our own spiritual reflection and build more meaningful connections with each other.

Click here to explore this month’s Soulful Home packet, which focuses on families’ faith development at home, but has opportunities for people of all ages to delve into the monthly theme.

In the 2019-2020 church year, we are exploring the following themes:

September — Expectations

October — Belonging

November — Attention

December — Awe

January — Integrity

February — Resilience

March — Wisdom

April — Liberation

May — Thresholds

June — Play

The monthly themes for the 2018-2019 church year were:

September — 2018.09-September-Vision-The Practice of Finding a Path Forward

October — 2018.10-October-Sanctuary-The Practice of Finding Sacred Space

November — 2018.11-November-Memory-The Practice of Honest Remembrance

December —  2018.12-December-Mystery-The Practice of Awe

January —  2019.01-January-Possibility-The Practice of Unfolding

February — 2019.02-February-Trust-The Practice of Faith in a Love That Won’t Let Us Go

March — 2019.03-March-Journey-The Practice of Courageous Growth and Patient Change

April — 2019.04-April-Wholeness-The Practice of Repairing

May — Curiosity: The Practice of Open-Heartedness

June — Beauty: The Practice of Savoring Life’s Gifts


The monthly themes for the 2017-2018 church year were:

September–2017.09-September Theme Sheet-Invitation-The Practice of Including

October–2017.10-October-Courage-The Practice of Daring

November–2017.11-November-Abundance-The Practice of Generosity

December–2017.12-December-Hope-The Practice of Expectation

January–2018.01-January-Intention-The Practice of Choosing

February–2018.02-February-Perseverance-The Practice of Tenacity

March–2018.03-March-Balance-The Practice of Perspective

April–2018 04-April-Emergence-The Practice of Transformation

May–2018.05-May-Creativity-The Practice of Imagining

June– 2018.06-June-Blessing-The Practice of Grace


The monthly themes for the 2016-2017 church year were:

September – 2016.09-September Theme Sheet-Covenant-The Practice of Sacred Commitment PDF

October – 2016.10-October Theme Sheet-Future-The Practice of Visioning

November – 2016.11-November Theme Sheet-Story-The Practice of Meaning Making

December – 2016.12-December Theme Sheet-Presence-The Practice of Being

January – 2017.01-JanuaryTheme Sheet-Prophecy-The Practice of Truth-Telling

February – 2017.02-February Sheet-Identity-The Practice of Essence

March – 2017.03-March Theme Sheet-Risk-The Practice of Daring

April – 2017.04-April Theme Sheet-Transformation-The Practice of Change

May – 2017.05-May Theme Sheet-Embodiment-The Practice of Making Real

June – Zest: The Practice of Enthusiasm

July – Resilience: The Practice of Thriving

August – Willingness: The Practice of Yes


In 2015-2016, our themes were:

September – Creation: The Practice of Beginning

October—Blessing: The Practice of Loving

November – Nourishment: The Practice of Feeding

December – Stillness: The Practice of Presence

January – Paradise: The Practice of Imagination

February – Passion: The Practice of Our Purpose

March – Faith: The Practice of Devotion to the Possible

April – Impermanence: The Practice of Acceptance

May – Salvation: The Practice of Healing

June – Exploration: The Practice of Getting Lost