Pastoral Care Team

Under the direction of Rev. Tim, a team of church members offers short and long-term care, providing a confidential safety net of church-wide support for our congregants in times of need.

  • The Pastoral Care Team (PCT) provides short-term help such as meals and rides for members in crisis.  Pastoral Care Team members also offer a listening ear and provide personal support during challenging times.
  • Long-Term Care (LTC) maintains caring contact with our respected elders and those requiring long recuperation.

Caring for each other in times of need is one of the most important things that happen in our church community. Many of you do this easily and naturally for each other and your acts of kindness are much appreciated though often invisible. In addition to these informal networks, we do have more structured support under the auspices of our Pastoral Care Team.

The Pastoral Care Team meets monthly with the minister to ensure that the pastoral care needs of church members and friends are being met. Monthly coordinators rotate and check in regularly with the minister and church office. Our emphasis is on the temporary, emergency, and short-term care, although we will try to put you in touch with community resources that may be able to provide ongoing care.

You are welcome to contact the church office to leave a voicemail message for Pastoral Care (559.322.6146 ext. 16), messages are retrieved once daily.  If you have an urgent need, you will be directed to Press 4.  Upon pressing 4, you will be redirected to the monthly volunteer’s personal phone.  Please only use this option if it is an urgent need.   Our Pastoral Care Team can also be contacted via email at

The following are examples of Pastoral Care support services that may be offered:

  • If due to sickness, surgery or other unexpected emergency, you need help with such things as meals, childcare, transportation, household tasks, or errands.
  • If you or someone you know would appreciate a phone call or visit.
  • If you have had a loss or major life change and would like supportive care.
  • If you are a caregiver and need a few hours’ respite.