Pastoral Care

The Mission of the Pastoral Care Team, under the direction of the Minister, is to recruit and coordinate volunteers from the entire church community to provide short-term, confidential help to our members and friends in need. The Mission also includes maintaining caring contact with our respected elders and those experiencing more long-term challenges.

Caring for one another, especially during these difficult times, is an important aspect of our church community.  Pastoral Care is available to anyone who may feel disconnected for any reason or who may have experienced a challenge that requires the help of others.  Our emphasis is on temporary, short-term care such as providing meals or grocery delivery, occasional rides, or simply lending a supportive ear.  We may also be able to put you in touch with others who can provide additional help or more long-term assistance.

Caring Circles were established during the pandemic in an effort to ensure that all members of the congregation are offered the opportunity to remain connected.  All church members are welcome to participate in these intimate groups facilitated by caring leaders that meet on a regular basis.  Some groups meet via Zoom, and others by phone.

The Caring Hearts Team was also established during the pandemic in response to an increased need for a more intimate connection with an individual trained as a compassionate listener who can care for spiritual and emotional needs in one-on-one conversations.

If you are experiencing a need that could benefit from Pastoral Care services, would like to be connected to one of the Caring Circles facilitators or would prefer a more intimate connection with a Caring Hearts member, please contact us.

Pastoral Care Team Member
(559) 322-6146 ext. 16
Caring Circles or Caring Hearts
Patty Bennett, Coordinator of Congregational Life
(559) 322-6146 ext. 15