Ongoing Spiritual Growth Opportunities



Contact Dani Livesey at or 559.322.6146 x12 if you have any questions.

Please note…

You do not need to preregister for ongoing groups or classes, however, it helps our facilitators plan if we have a headcount. We invite you to RSVP via Facebook or email.

Childcare is available for all ongoing groups and classes. If you will need childcare for any of the below events, please contact Dani Livesey at,  559.322.6146 x12, or text 559.408.5883.

For the Special Events for our Winter/Spring 2020 Session, please click here.

Due to  Covid-19 many of Our Religious Exploration Offerings have been rescheduled or relocated online. Please visit our Updates tab for the most correct and up to date information regarding Religious Exploration Offerings.

CHALICE CIRCLES: Finding Connection and Community

Ongoing Group meeting from October – June. Please click here for more details. 


Earth-Centered Unitarian Universalists (ECUU)

ECUU gathers to celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year with Wiccan/Pagan style rituals and get-togethers. Generally, we discuss the holiday and its origins, and how it can relate to Unitarian Universalism, We always include a craft and/or spell to go along with the theme of the sabbat, and do a ritual that follows a general Wiccan structure. All paths and seekers are welcome!

Meeting times depend on the holiday. Check  for updates.

Upcoming celebrations, which all take place 7-10pm in the Youth Room at the church, are:

January 31st – Imbolc

March 20th – Ostara

May 1st – Beltane

June 26th – Litha

July 31st – Lughnasadh

September 25th – Mabon

October 30th – Samhain


Paranormal Discussion Group

Our group discusses topics like intuition, precognition, premonitions, Near Death Experience/Out of Body Experience, Reincarnation, Ghosts, Extraterrestrials (ETs), etc.  There is a national UU paranormal group called “UU Psi Symposium” which has a website and quarterly E-magazine.  New people are welcome.

2nd Thursdays of the month / 6:30-8:00pm


Sarayu Yoga  

Certified instruction in the techniques and spiritual practice of Sarayu Yoga. Designed for all ability levels. Includes brief meditation, breathwork, energization exercises, and hatha yoga asanas. Donations accepted.

Facilitator: Jenny Rohan, 855-4472,

More information and dates/times: Monday Yoga, Chair Yoga, Thursday Yoga.


UU Buddhist Fellowship

The Dharma Without Dogma Sangha is an inclusive meditation and study group in which the participants feel an affinity with UU principles and Buddhism. All Buddhist practices are welcome, as well as all interested individuals. Democratic decision-making is followed in this peer-led group in order to create a safe and accepting environment.

Every Wednesday, 2:00-4:00 pm More info here.


UU Humanists of Fresno

UUHF gathers monthly to connect with other Humanists and expand our understanding of our Humanist beliefs. Guest speakers are invited who have knowledge and expertise in particular areas. All are welcome.

Third Sundays of the month, 12:00-2:00pm More info here.


Young Adult Lunches & Brunches

Join a group of fellow 25-40 year-olds for coffee and a breakfast potluck before the service — or lunch after! Take an opportunity to connect with others in your age range and build community. Childcare provided upon request.  Contact: Amanda Monaco, or text 352.359.0963 (preferred).


For the Special Events for our Winter/Spring 2020 Session, please click here.


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