As we gather information and develop plans for how our Church will respond to the impact of Coronavirus, we will update this page.
Please follow all the recommendations from the CDC:

Congregational updates, please click on the links below for additional information:

Zoom meeting list:   CLICK HERE

Resources for Movement For Black Lives: CLICK HERE

November Connections Calendar: Click Here

For information about our Ongoing Spiritual Growth Opportunities and our Adult Religious Exploration Brochure please: Click Here



  • May 28, 2020 – “Our Church Never Closed”, By Rev. Tim Kutzmark: CLICK HERE
  • May 19, 2020 – All Church Drive Through: CLICK HERE
  • May 14, 2020 – An important message from the National UUA President:  CLICK HERE
  • May 8 – Financial update from Rev. Tim: CLICK HERE
  • April 10 – Update from Rev. Tim:  CLICK HERE
  • Letter from Rev. Tim, April 2, 2020:  CLICK HERE
  • Email and/or Scam Safety:  CLICK HERE
  • PayPal link on our Giving page has been fixed:  CLICK HERE to be redirected to our Giving page.
  • Bitwise Industries is offering grocery delivery for sick and elderly in the valley:  CLICK HERE
  • Important Update from your UU staff, March 16, 2020: CONNECT (Includes information on joining a Zoom meeting and other helpful information.)
  • Letter from Rev. Tim, March 13, 2020: Church Update #2
  • Letter from Rev. Tim, March 12, 2020:   Church Update #1

You can participate on any platform (Mac, PC, iOS, Android) using a free app that you download or from your favorite web browser. To participate, visit Zoom Downloads  and find Zoom Client for Meetings to download the app for your computer. Or find the Mobile app link on that same page for your phone. Or if you participate via a screen reader, you can find  Zoom for Screen Reader as well.

CLICK HERE :  To watch a Zoom Tutorial on YouTube

CLICK HERE :  How to join a Zoom meeting
CLICK HERE :  Live Training Webinars on Zoom (Hosting and more)
CLICK HERE for: Education Guide: Getting started with Zoom