What Is Unitarian Universalism?

Unitarian Universalism is an intentionally inclusive and progressive religion that believes all people are worthy of love and that we are all deeply interconnected. It welcomes and celebrates people of all ages, religious backgrounds, spiritual beliefs, cultural origins, differing abilities, gender identities, sexual orientations, economic realities, levels of education, and immigration status.  Todos son bienvenidos aqui.

It is a faith that nurtures individual and shared spiritual journeys. It invites you to bring your questions and doubts, and perhaps discover some answers.

No one is going to tell you what you have to believe. We’re never going to tell you that there is only one way or book that leads to religious truth. We will encourage you to explore your own heart and mind to discover your own connection to life’s meaning and purpose. And we help one another along the way.

We call no one a sinner, but we know how hard is the struggle to live a life that is good and true. We aren’t going to saddle your children with lots of guilt or fear. Rather, we will help them discover that religion is for joy and for life. We celebrate our children and make sure they know that they are a precious gift to the world.

Some Unitarian Universalists believe in a God or Higher Power, and some do not. Some identify themselves as Christian, while most do not. Some are agnostic, atheist or Humanist. Others find inspiration in such traditions as Pagan/Earth-Centered, Women’s Spirituality, Buddhism or Judaism. Some of us are still trying to work out what exactly we believe. What we all share in common is our Unitarian Universalist morals and values – The Seven Principles and Purposes of Unitarian Universalism –  and our shared journey to help heal our world. We are committed to justice for all people. We are committed to living more gently and sustainably upon our fragile earth home so that future generations may know wonder, beauty, and life.