Youth Library


Hours and Staffing

The library is open on Sunday after the service. It is staffed by members who are trained to assist children and adults with finding and checking out books. There are cozy chairs and tables for readers and parents.

Books can be borrowed for three weeks and are renewable. There are approximately 1500 books from which to choose.

Mission Statement

To promote literacy:

  • By providing a selection of quality literature for children of all ages;
  • By providing an attractive, accessible space for books;
  • By providing expertise and assistance selecting appropriate books;
  • By including books which support U.U. principles
  • By serving as a resource to all church groups/members that involve children and books

To promote the enjoyment of reading:

  • By providing reading activities;
  • By providing storytelling;
  • By providing literature-related celebrations;
  • By providing a safe and comfortable space for children to select and read books.

The Book Collection

Consistent with U.U. principles * Cultural diversity * Supportive of R.E. curriculum * Broad scope of good literature for pleasure reading * Inter-generational participation is encouraged.

Library Computer and Database
The library collection is cataloged with bar codes which can be scanned for electronic checkout and check-in. The catalog can be searched by subject, author, and title.

Literary Events
Special Programs are held throughout the year, sometimes in the library and sometimes as a part of the Story for All Ages during the Sunday service.

The Annual Summer Reading Challenge
Culminates in September. The all-church celebration also honors Reverend Bryan Jessup’s birthday.

Named for Norelma Walker who was the director of religious education in the 1980s. She died in 1994. Norelma loved children’s literature. Her favorite book was Everybody Needs a Rock, by Byrd Baylor. A quilt made by Norelma’s daughter, Margaret ( Walker ) Jones, hangs in the library. The library was dedicated in September 21, 1997.

Financial Support
The library is allotted an annual budget. The library accepts private donations. Individual and memorial donations have allowed such purchases as the set of Beatrix Potter’s 23 little books and the first edition facsimiles of L. Frank Baum’s 14 Oz stories.

Committee Members
Chairperson: Denise Sciandra,
Lynette Bassman, Barbara Cutright, Josephine Fox, Nancy Hatcher,
Bette Head, Laurie Mitchell, Pat Moore, Judy Parker and Linda Spalding.